See what AlgoPoint has to offer

Universal Language

All block instructions are written in a Free Pascal-like language, which makes them more readable.

Console Like a Chat

An unconventional type of command line that allows better interaction with the flowchart.

Modern Design

The combination of beauty and simplicity of the user interface can make your work more productive.

Smart Editor

The flowchart editor, thanks to elements such as the radial menu or automatic adaptation of blocks to their content, ensures more efficient use.

Blocks and Connections Formatting

You can customize the appearance of blocks and connections to suit your needs.

Algorithm Testing

At any time during the creation of an algorithm, you can check if your algorithm is working as it should.

Exporting to Image or PDF

The active and open function flowchart can be saved to an image (in PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP formats) and a PDF document (with different page sizes).

Convert Flowchart to Source Code

The flowchart can be exported to source code in 6 languages: Free Pascal, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python.

Dark Mode

A dark color variant that conquers the web is also available in AlgoPoint!