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  • Added the ability to create a three-dimensional array.
  • Improved the display of the radial menu when using multiple monitors.
  • Added the ability to move around elements with a tabulator.
  • Added English and German translation.
  • The application now starts only in one instance.
  • Fixed a bug that misinterpreted array expressions and logical operators.
  • Source code generation has been improved.
  • Visual improvements.

1.0.1AlgoPoint - QFiks


  • Bug Fix: the return value of the abs function for integer variables was increased by 1.
  • After clicking on the recently opened projects list, you should no longer get an error.
  • After clicking the File button, you should no longer get an error related to an invalid menu frame.
  • Several code generation bugs have been fixed.

1.0.0AlgoPoint - LicTester


  • The first version of the application is available to the public.
  • It includes basic and some additional functionalities.
  • AlgoPoint requires testing that can help in its further development.