Learn programming and algorithmics

AlgoPoint is an original application for learning and creating flowcharts that will allow you to enter the programming world!

Create and test algorithms the way you want.
AlgoPoint is at your disposal

There is something for everyone

It does not matter if you are still studying at school, what age you are, or if you are just starting your adventure with programming. AlgoPoint is a great tool to start or continue learning without too much hassle. It combines well-known functions of popular programs (e.g., placing, connecting, and formatting of different blocks) with a modern, friendly interface, as well as extensive elements (such as a detailed analysis of the algorithm's operation and the intelligent flowchart editor).

Design algorithms according to your vision

Each block can be formatted in a number of ways when editing the flowchart. For instance, this functionality allows to distinguish a given fragment of the algorithm. Moreover, with a few clicks you can also change the graphic design of the application from light to dark to make your work more effective.

Your perspective is very important to me

AlgoPoint has been created as an original bachelor's project at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and designed to help others learn programming and algorithmics. From the very beginning, every opinion matters so that the development of the program can proceed. The tests conducted so far in school conditions have shown that as many as 94% of students find this tool helpful. If you have any insights, feel free to submit your feedback on this page.

AlgoPoint in a nutshell

  • Free for Everyone
  • Available in 3 Languages (Polish, English, German)
  • Algorithm Testing
  • Custom Functions Creating
  • Flowchart to Source Code Converter
  • Blocks and Connections Formatting
  • Exporting to Image or PDF
  • Dark Mode
  • Universal Scripting Language